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Axes are striking tools that are commonly used for the purpose of cutting as well as chopping wood. It has a blade of sharp metal which is attached to a handle (mostly hickory), at an angle of ninety degrees.

There are various kinds of axes available these days, to meet the specific requirements of the users. Of them the single bit axes are quite popular. These axes are useful for the purpose of felling trees, or simply pruning or trimming them. Single-bit axes are also used for cutting and splitting wood, etc. Also, the fact that these axes have only one edge for cutting, makes it very safe for the users. It is primarily due to this reason, that these axes are most favored by the new, inexperienced woodcutters.

Axes come in a wide range of varieties, and these days people are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting axes on the basis of axe patterns, (that is the type and the shape of the cutting edge of the axes). Standard axe patterns differ from axe to axe. For instance, in case of single bit axes it may be Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, Connecticut or Dayton, whereas, standard axe patterns for double-bit axes include Reversible, Swamping, Michigan, and Western.

While selecting an axe, one should also consider the handle of the axe very carefully. The most common size for the axe handles is thirty six inches. The axes may have curved handles, so that they provide increased leverage, (mostly seen in case of single-bit axes), or the axes may have handles that are straight, (as seen in case of double-bit axes).

One may also decide on the selection of the axe by making a choice among the wide range of axes such as the log-splitting axes (useful for splitting wood), or the belt axes (such as the Boy Scout axe). The fact that these axes are specifically meant for serving a particular purpose, makes it more useful.

However, the most important feature that governs the quality of the axe is the materials used, the weight, and the style in which the parts have been attached. Axes can be easily purchased from various related stores, or even through the internet. However, it is best that one makes sure that the overall features stated are suitable, and appear to be safe enough for the user.

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